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the way to a man’s heart

t jokes that he married me so i could make him fried rice everyday.  the jokes on him because the wok i bought is still sitting unused in its plastic wrap and i don’t eat red meat or pork.  he loves summer because it marks the end of “chicken season” and he can BBQ to his hearts content.  to get us through winter, i am always looking for new chicken recipes and we were both happy to find this one after a friend recommended the pho recipe off steamykitchen.com.   miso roast chicken has temporarily knocked jaimie oliver’s perfect roast chicken off our weekly menu.  the first time i made this, i only had instant seaweed miso soup paste packets on hand and it turned out great.  the second time, i lined the roasting try with baking paper to make clean up easier.  both times i doubled the quantity of garlic and ginger.

it’s also opened up a whole new world of possibilities with spatchcocking. going to invest in a proper pair of chicken shears.

t says it’s no prawn sandwich and buladelah bread on a saturday afternoon. some people are just hard to please :p