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superpowers that be

invisible – that often tops my superpower wish list.  i was super shy, hated social anything and was happy to have one or two close friends.  i probably went to all of one house party in my teens. the only school dance i attended was grad.  on days where i had a presentation i’d wish  with all my might for a minor accident that would get me out of it.  some kid called me fat when i was ten, from that point on until recently, i avoided wearing shorts and skirts, even on the hottest days, not wanting to feel exposed.  i’d go to the beach in overalls (when they were still somewhat fashionable), although that probably garnered more looks than anything.

having boys as lively as mine makes it hard to go about unnoticed, but i’ve come to believe motherhood gives one superpowers of sorts. the other day, i thought f, m, and i were prepared for our little mall outing, but when best laid plans go awry and we past the point of reason,… enter superpowers.   

superblinders made me impervious to the stares and glares of many as i left kicking and screaming f to lie flat out on the floor by my feet in the checkout lane while i paid for our purchases (said child wanted a truck wickedly placed on the lower shelves by the till).  superarms allowed me to carry my flailing child with one arm while using the other to steer the pram with a bub and multiple purchases balanced on top.  the superpower that surprised me most was the one that all the while shielded me from any feelings of embarrassment, anger, or frustration.  perhaps motherhood gives one the powers of patience and perspective.  the two hundred meter, ten minute “episode” was just a small blip in our lives.  f fell asleep a few minutes later and woke with a smile two hours later – tantrums are hard work.

although i have no desire to shop with f again anytime in the near future, that wasn’t the highlight of our day.  the highlight was watching f light up at the sight of other children, sitting back while he made friends with the boy sitting  beside us at mcdonald’s, and laughing while he managed to find one older child after another to lead him through the play area.