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a picture really is worth a thousand words

things with j seem to be escalating and i am constantly feeling like a failure as a parent,  but we had a “win” the other night and it felt great.  

j wanted to bring a sippy cup full of milk to bed, something he’s never requested before.  this was a non-negotiable no for me (bottle rot scares me), and i knew that no amount of positive spinning would please j, so i readied myself for another “episode.”  i could see his emotions  escalating as i was explaining the why behind my no.  luckily, i had a lightbulb moment and asked if he wanted to see pictures of bottle rot.  he nodded and immediately stopped protesting.  we spent ages looking through horrible pictures of teeth in various stages of decay with j wanting the story behind each picture, which ended up being a great opportunity to tell stories about the evil plaque monster.  the pictures, along with my embellishments, spoke volumes and j went to bed with his usual water-filled sippy cup.  he even let us brush his teeth for him AND we’ve been able to cross it off our list of daily battles. 

in case you’re wondering, f sat alongside looking at rotting teeth, but it hasn’t been as effective, whether it be a matter of age or learning styles.  for now, we’ll let him chew through as many toothbrushes as it takes to keep the plaque monsters at bay.

it doesn’t seem like much, but i’ve always been a sucker for the small things in life, and tonight, standing over my child with his mouth wide open waiting for me to attack the plaque monsters, gave me hope that things are going to be ok.


2 responses to “a picture really is worth a thousand words

  1. tinyandthecity August 17, 2012 at 5:34 am

    Picturing the 3 of you looking at bottle rot photos makes me chuckle. I’m assuming some of those are pretty nasty! And things ARE going to be ok. xx

    I’m going to go Google bottle rot photos now. Thx, I’ll prob have nightmares. 😉

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