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you can’t catch me!

i’m not sure when i became so lazy and unmotivated, but i was in a slump of some sort and needed to get out of it.  i think my kids were beginning to “miss” me.  it’d  been ages since i’d actively joined in on their play like chasing them endlessly around our living room in a game of “you can’t catch me!” sure, i watched while they played, took them to the park, sat with them and read books, but i was becoming a very lazy parent.

it is surprisingly easy to make sure they entertain themselves without having to be an active participant, especially when they have each other.  there is something to be said about the bonds built through play and it was time to reconnect with the boys, especially j and all our recent challenges.  before m was born, when i needed j to be quiet while i settled f down for a nap, it was easy because we’d always have  “quiet time” once f was asleep.  we’d do whatever j wanted – bake, mini science experiments, arts and crafts.  i think we both looked forward to our quiet time together.  that somehow got lost in the shuffle, along with me actively engaging in playtime.

so i have made a commitment to at least 15 minutes of daily active play time; and it is now routine for t to come home from work and play with the kids before dinner.  15 minutes may not be much and playing with ones kids should come naturally, and this really should be nothing to write home about, but there are books on this subject so maybe i’m not the only one out there who needed a little kick in the butt to get active.

my boys are rough nuts.  a hug can easily turn into a wrestling match.  i have a brother, but we never roughhoused growing up, so this is unfamiliar territory.  i wanted in on the action so i went out and borrowed a book called “the art of roughhousing – good old-fashioned horseplay and why every kid needs it” by anthony debenedet, m.d. and lawrence cohen, ph.d.  i really believe in what they have to say, how play “…makes kids smart, emotionally intelligent, loveable and likeable…” and am hoping that we can work and laugh our way through the rough patches with more and more play.


One response to “you can’t catch me!

  1. tinyandthecity August 16, 2012 at 5:53 am

    I am an extremely lazy parent and I only have one! Thx for this post. It’s a good kick in the butt for me to play with E more. I totally agree with you on the whole play=smart thing. I recently bought him a doll and tea set to encourage more “play” but most of the time I just watch him do his thing. I know I could definitely be more of an active participant.

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